Yes, we are full time here at the shop.  Boat repairs, motor maintenance and trailers started our business. Our motto, “How can we make your life easier?”

Love Special Winter Projects.
Give us a call and let’s talk.

Hours:  8-4 Monday thru Friday – Some Evenings and Weekends       Call before coming as I might be offsite on a job or picking up parts.   Telephone #  897-8834.

Are you ready to go boating?

  • Let’s Spring check your boat and trailer for a trouble free first trip out.
  • Summertime boating is wonderful when your boat is ship shape.  Make ready before you head to the water.
  • Fall is our favorite time to boat. Keep in mind you should winterize before it gets too cold.
  • Do you need Winter storage or shrink wrap?  Give us a call.

Got a special winter project?  Let’s talk…

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